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Having a wide experience and a large amount of traffic by sea, we have the ability to provide good prices on container chartering in: Europe and Russia.

Our company specializes on development oft he optimal routes and individual transportation plan using different modes of transport (road, sea/river, rail). We provide organization of loading-unloading operations. Consultations fort he preparation of transport documents (invoice, packing list, B/L, ATB, B,Z number, etc.)

We work closely with the majority of the world's shipping lines, enabling us to offer our customers the most flexible delivery time and competitive prices. We can offer very attractive freight rates.

Please write your request including:

  • Pick-up warehouse
  • Port of discharge
  • Cargo description
  • Weight & dimensions of cargo

We will make best offer for pre-carriage, fracht rates and customs fares for you!

Our company offers container for cabotage (one-way) transport from major ports in Europe (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerpen) to St.Petersburg, Russia :

Container type: Lease period Rent costs Demmurage
20'DV 30 days 50 Euro 2 Euro/day
40'HC 30 days 150 Euro 3 Euro/day

Request you can send: sales@hansa-container.de

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